9-10 Registration, Coffee

10-10:45 Opening


10:45-12 Keynote Speech:
Hildegard Westerkamp (audio presentation)

12-12:15 Break

12:15-13:00 Papers (1): Values and Ethics in Acoustic Ecology

Chair: Eric Leonardson 

David Murphy, Jan Marontate & Barry Truax
“Listening and Value Systems: Towards an Axiology of Soundscape Documentation.”

Marcel Cobussen «The Ethics of Listening.”

Olli-Taavetti Kankkunen (Why) should we learn to listen? The ethical basis of finnish listening education

13:00-14:30 Lunch Break

14:30-16:15 Parallel Workshops:
1 ) Nikolas Tsaftaridis: «Building Musical Instruments in the Context of Acoustic Ecology.»

2 ) Angelika Kogevina, Lena Kokkinomilioti, Ioannis Kyriakoulis & Ioanna Etmektsoglou: “Birdwhisle Making and Improvisation/Performance.”

3 ) Dimitris Sarris: The «Super Market Musical»: Advanced instrument making and sound expression with little packages.

16:30-17:30 Papers (2) Soundscapes of the past and beyond.

Chair: Nigel Frayne

Michail Zisiou «Towards a Theory of Sonic Museological Design.»

Hein Schoer «The Sounding Museum: The Way of the Mask.»

Eirini Gavrilaki, Sryridon Brezas, Katerina Tzedaki & Yiannis Tzifopoulos «The silence within Melidoni cave in Crete.»

J. Milo Taylor, K. Woolford, S.J. Norman, C. Guedes, S. Dunn, M. White & L. Barker «Motion in Place: Sounding Spaces, Movement, Affect and Technologised Mediation.»

17:30-17:45  Coffee Break

17:45-18:45 Papers (3)
Soundscapes of the past and beyond. (continued)

Ros Bandt «Situational listening as a methodology for rehearing the past: Ancient Mycenae Ortygia and Dordoni.»
(Sub-keynote 30 min paper)

Robin McGinley «Listening to the Cosmos: Re-positioning the Sonic Outcomes of Space Research as the Basis of Sound.»


19:00-20:30 Concert 1>

Andrea Dancer: EarCeption
Jay Needham,Eric Leonardson, Sabine Breitsameter:
Conversation, Improvisation and Locality


20:30 Welcome Reception/dinner

9:00-9:45 Workshop (4) R. Murray Schafer A.E. in Education (children)

9:45-10:30 Workshop (4 cont.)
R. Murray Schafer

A.E. in Education (Teachers)

10:30- 10:45 Coffee Break

10:45-12 Keynote Speech:
Katharine Norman

12:00-12:15 Break


12:15-12:45 Papers (4)
The Soundwalk as Artistic, Research and Educational tool.

Chair: Panayotis Panopoulos

Pessi Parviainen
«Listening and then doing: Sound-making and adaptation.”

Heikki Uimonen “The Liked, the Disliked and the Indifferent. Sound Preferences and the Applied Fieldwork Methods in Dollar, Scotland.”

12:45-15:00 Lunch Break

15-15:30 Papers (5)
Soundscape: Theory and Research

Chair: David Murphy

Sabine Breitsameter «Murray Schafer’s term “Soundscape” and its interdependencies with the media theoretical paradigms of H. Marshall McLuhan.» (Sub-keynote Erasmus paper: 30 min.)

15:30-15:40 Discussion

15:45-16:45 Papers (6)
Soundscape: Theory and Research (continued)

Vincent Andrisani «Vancouver Soundscape Project 2010: motives, intentions, and practice.»

Yiannis Christofides «Hybrid Soundings: The Social Spaces of Documentary.»

Milena Droumeva «The Everyday Listening Project.»

Merri Kytö «Just eavesdropping? – How and why study private acoustic space.”

17:00-17:45  Papers (7)
Mediated Soundscapes

Chair: Sabine Breitsameter

Spyros Galanopoulos «Listening to the Soundscape through Radio Art: Sound Narratives and Soundscape Awareness.»

Jacqueline Waldock «Location, Location, Location” A Discussion of the Effect of Popular Media on Sound Practices.»

Spyros Kouzoupis, Katerina Tzedaki & Athanasios Kleisiaris «Melidoni cave stalactite acoustic analysis and sound modeling.»


18:00- 19:15 Soundwalks and Guided Tours (parallel activities)

Katerina Tzedaki  et al «Corfu Town Crossing Soundwalks.»

Corfu Town/-Guided Tour


19.30 Installation-Performance 1:    Art-Cafe Garden

Marcus  LeadleyReconfiguring Space: Soundscape and Perception


21:00 Concert 2>

Nicola Monopoli: Vocal Etude 
Elena Hadjipanagioti: Taleon Andron
Hein Schoer: Two Weeks in Alert Bay
Dimitris Karageorgos: Come Sun
Akis Pasoulas Paramnesia



10:00-11:15 WFAE Regional Presentations.

11:15- 11:30 Coffee Break

11:30-12.45 Keynote Speech: Allen S. Weiss



13:30-16:00 Lunch Break

16:00-16:30 Roundtable Discussion (1)
Nigel Frayne, Emma Quayle… “Contemporary Urban Soundscapes and Acoustic Ecology

16:30-17:00 Roundtable Discussion (2)

Vincent Andrisani, David Murphy, Milena Droumeva : “Value-System or Axiology and Practices in Acoustic ecology documentation”


17:00-17:15 General discussion


17:15-18:00 Free time

18:00 Return to Corfu


19.30 Installation-Performance 2: Installation Space -2  Old Fortress(Wheatstore) -

Ros Bandt  Sounding the fort


21:00 Concert 3>

Chris Kalkanis:Valia Kalda

Martha Riva Palacio Obón:
anatomía de las mariposas 

Katharine Norman
: Islands of One

Panos Amelidis:
Agoras 1

Nikolas Valsamakis:
Scenes from a factory













9:15-10:30 Papers (8)
Soundscapes and Sound Installation Art

Chair: Jay Needham

Jesse Seay “Listening to the Audience, Engaging the Audience: A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Sound Installation Art.”

Theodoros Lotis «Tribalism and Local Structures in a Music and Video Installation.”

David Monacchi
“Fragments of Extinction: Acoustic Biodiversity of the World’s Primary Equatorial Rainforests.”

Ioannis Zannos, Stratos Kountouras & Aris Bezas
“Interactive Sonic Chimerae.”

Tania Tsiridou, Ioannis Zannos, Marianna Strapatsaki «An Interactive Windscape.»

10:30-10:45 Coffee Break

10:45-12:00 Keynote Speech:
Christopher W. Clark

12:15- 13:15 Papers (9)
Soundscape Composition Approaches

Chair: Theodoros Lotis

Panayiotis Kokoras “Audio browsing strategies for soundscape real-time composition.”

Apostolos Loufopoulos Listening through the compositional process: Soundscape models and transformational strategies in acousmatic music.”

Trifon Heney «The Edmonton River Valley Project and the Role of Spatialization in Forest and the City.”

Simo Alitalo «River Aura Symphony: Large scale outdoor sound installations and performances - Some thoughts about their reception, time and space.”

13:15-15:00 Lunch Break

15:00-15:30  Papers (10)
The Voice, Silence and the Sacred in Soundscapes

Chair: Noora Vikman

Irina Chudinova “The Soundscape of Byzantine and Russian Monasteries.”

Yi Yuan “When Soundscape Studies Encounter Buddhism: Methodology Development of Soundscape Studies on Chinese Buddhist Temples.”


15:45- 16:30 Papers (11) Acoustic Ecology and Music Analysis

Chair: Ioannis Zannos

Biljana Sreckovic «Crossing listening paths through space, place and location – soundscape works of Serbian artist Igor Stangliczky.»

Kostas Paparrigopoulos «On Xenakis and acoustic ecology.»

Youngmy Cho «Evolutionary theory in composition: Works by Biles, Waschka, Xenakis, and Miranda.»

16:30-17:00 Coffee Break

17:00-17:30 Papers (12)
Acoustic Ecology in the context of a broader Ecology

Chair: Kozo Hiramatsu 

Noora Vikman «Quiet without Silencing? Suggestions to make cultural breaks hearable in Northern Carelia and Northern Italy.»

Hill Hiroki Kobayashi «Basic Research in Human-Computer-Biosphere Interaction.»

A.D. Mazaris, A.S. Kallimanis, E.G. Drakou & J.D. Pantis «Integrated Network of Biodiversity and Acoustic Value.»

A.D. Mazaris, A.S. Kallimanis, E.G. Drakou & J.D. Pantis «Human health, land use types and tranquility areas.»

17:45- 18:30 Papers (13)
Soundscape Design of Public Spaces and the Community

Chair: Katharine Norman 

Mary Wright & Kenya D. Williams «Using the Soundscape as a Tool for Placemaking and Community Building.»

Giorgos Papakonstantinou «Ear to the city: The Urban Soundscape Pilot Data Base of Palia, Volos.»

Tuike Alitalo, Simo Alitalo «Turku is Listening 2011 - An initiative towards Culture of Listening.»

19.00 Installation-Performance 3: Installation Space - Old Fortress(Wheatstore) -

Pascal  Pogensberger and  Darmstadt University Student Group:Fixed Media Soundscape Works

21:00 Concert 4>

Panayiotis Kokoras: City Fables -Corfu
Apostolos Loufopoulos:  Icarus
Katerina Tzedaki:   Prayer v. 2
David Monacchi: Integrated Ecosystem


9:00-10:00 Papers (14)
Acoustic Ecology and Education

Chair: Miranda Caldi

Nikolas Remy«Listening paths and architectural design.»

Nadine Schutz «Landscape cannot only be seen but also be heard.»

Apostolos Loufopoulos, Dionysios T.G. Katerelos & Theofanis Maragkos «Learning Through Listening: The soundscapes of Cephalonia and their contribution to academic learning.»

Zoe Dionyssiou & Marina Papasotiriou «Capture nature through art and music.»


10:00- 10:15 Coffee Break

10:15-11:15 Papers (15)
Soundscapes as personal and social constructs.

Chair: Heikki Uimonen

Joran Rudi “Questioning the authentic – Soundscape as a social construct.”

Rafael Oliveira, Alexsander Duarte & Patricia Lima “Re-Contextualizing Soundscapes: Actualities in musical research about creativity, identity and social contexts.””

Stephan Moore & Scott Smallwood “The Soundscape and Sound Art of Burning Man”

Mario D'Andreta “The subjective experience of soundscapes: A pilot survey on the city of Rome.”

11:15-11:30 Break

11:30-12:45 Keynote Speech:
R. Murray Schafer

13:00-14:00 Lunch Break

13.00 Inst.-Perform.4:
Installation Space - Old Fortress(Wheatstore) –

Mathew SANSOM  Mêtis_Corfu


14:15 -Bus to PELEKAS Village

15:00-16:15 Cross-Regional Discussions and Coffee

16:30-18:00 Workshop (5) Soundwalks,
Free time

Workshop (5): Hannes Heyne «Open Ears by Playing: Sound Games using Instruments from Nature and from World Cultures.»

16:30-17:00 (A Group)

17:00-17:30 (B Group)

17:30-17:45 General Improvisation

18:15-18:45 WFAE Board Presentation, Discussion

19:00 Closing Ceremony and Dinner provided by the Pelekas’ Cultural Association.


22:00* Return to Corfu town
*(earlier departures will be possible via public buses)



Sound Installations

Budhaditya  CHATTOPADHYAY: Eye Contact with the City

Installation Space -1  Old Fortress(Prison) -

4 channel AudioVisual installation Work

Amanda  BELANTARA: Ears Are Dazzled,touched by sound

Installation Space -1  Old Fortress(Prison) -

Stereo AudioVisual installation Work (headphones)

Gabriel  NERGIN Dag-Yam: Fish of the Sea (or Fish - Dagim)
Georgia SPIROPOULOU The Bacchae

Installation Space -1  Old Fortress(Prison) -

Stereo AudioVisual installation Work

David MURPHY [prnt] and draduate student Group from Simon Frazer University (Vincent Andrisani, Nathan Clarkson, Milena Droumeva, Jason Levis, Jennifer Schine): Soundscape Vancouver 2011

Installation Space -3 Polytechno

Stereo AudioVisual installation Work

John  KANNENBERG: A Sound Map of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo [prnt1 prnt2 ]

Installation Space -1  Old Fortress(Prison) -

Stereo AudioVisual installation Work (headphones)

Ros BANDT: Sounding the fort

Installation Space -2  Old Fortress(Wheatstore)

4 channel Audio Installation Work

Tom LAWRENCE The Water Beetles of Pollardstown Fen

Installation Space -2  Old Fortress(Wheatstore) –

6 channel Audio Installation Work


Tuesday 4/10
19.30 Installation-Performance 1:    Art-Cafe Garden
Marcus  Leadley Reconfiguring Space: Soundscape and Perception

Wednesday  5/10
19.30 Installation-Performance 2: Installation Space -2  Old Fortress(Wheatstore) -
Ros Bandt  Sounding the fort 

19.00 Installation-Performance 3: Installation Space 2- Old Fortress(Wheatstore) -
Pascal  Pogensberger and  Darmstadt University Student Group:Fixed Media Soundscape Works

23.00 Installation-Performance 4: Installation Space -3 Polytechno

13.00 Installation-Performance 4: Installation Space 2- Old Fortress(Wheatstore) -


Program Revised: 4/10/2011

Minor changes might be made on the conference program due to possible last minute presentation cancellations or due to adverse weather conditions during the scheduled outdoors activities. However, the dates of the paper presentations will remain as they appear here, to facilitate presenters' travel arrangements.